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The Top-Secret Diet for Losing MASSIVE Weight

When I was going through my transformation, people would often ask me about my diet.  At first I did use protein shakes, which do work well to control hunger, but after a few days I settled down on the diet outlined below.

Why Is Diet Important For Losing Weight?

I can’t stress it enough, and you see me type it over and over in these pages, but for weight loss diet is everything.  Well, not quite everything, but fat loss is all about ‘calories in’ vs ‘calories out’.  If a Big Mac from Mickey Dees contains 563 calories, and a 45 minute high-intensity kettlebell workout burns 700 calories, you can see which side of the equation is easiest to control.  I’ve been one of those people who eat more than 563 calories at fast food five nights a week, but only work out two nights a week.

You Can’t Make That Up With Quantity!!

There’s an old salesman joke about two guys selling watermelons, and they discover that they’re losing twenty five cents per melon.  One of them remarks to the other one “We’ll just have to make it up with quantity.”  If you’re constantly eating crap-and a lot of it-, but still trying to get to the gym a few nights a week you’re on the losing end of the equation!  Why fight to get calories out when it’s so much easier NOT to take them in?

So I SHOULDN’T Exercise At All?

NO!!!  Exercise is GREAT.  Exercise not only makes you physically and mentally healthier, fighting off disease and depression, but I’m an avid believer that everyone should be strong enough to save his own life.  And many times, an exercise journey will actually cause you to change your diet as well.  But we all sometimes need a SECRET WEAPON to help kick start the process.  Fight the cravings.  I know I did.

What About The Diet Plan You Promised?

Ok Ok Ok…here we go.  It’s time to unveil the top secret weight-loss diet plan.  Are you ready?

==>  If you are keep reading…

==> Here comes the secret….

My diet, at the height of my weight loss, was this:

  1. Breakfast – 2 large bowls of Special K cereal.  (Plain old Vanilla Almond).  Keeping with the “breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dinner like a pauper” method, I ate 2 large bowls of this each morning
  2. Lunch – Big garden salad, with boiled eggs, olives, and bacon bits.  I did not go hungry!
  3. Supper – A sensible dinner, with portion control. (I have 4 kids, special dinners are NOT on the menu!)

There you go!  The *secret* diet is nothing more than common sense.  The *secret* is really a secret weapon to help with cravings and portion control.  I used Garcinia Cambogia in my journey, and it helped me immensely.  Use whatever tools work for you, and good luck!